Dear Members and Friends,

A year ago, I gave a summary of expected capital projects for the year. We were able to complete four of the five projects in 2016.

  1. Lighting. This project was completed in the fall. The sanctuary and Parlor now have new fixtures and LED bulbs. The enhanced light, extended bulb life, and cost savings positively impact our church.
  2. Windows. The eleven Tiffany windows that required immediate attention have been repaired and reinstalled. Four of the windows were in the Parlor and they now have “ventilators” – operable openings with screens for enhanced ventilation. Two clerestory windows in the sanctuary had missing or broken glass and they have been repaired. We will continue the long-term effort to remove the plexi glass coverings from our windows and repair the wood surrounds.
  3. Kitchenette. The Parlor kitchen area has been redesigned and replaced. This project has allowed us to reconfigure the Parlor furnishings and create a new area for offering refreshments.
  4. Sanctuary roofs. The four flatter sections have new shingles and parapets. This work had to be completed before we begin drainage work around the foundation.
  5. HVAC. This was the project that remained from last year. We have a contractor who will complete this work by mid-summer. The two ventilating fans to be placed above the outside boiler room have been ordered. The contractor will connect the fans to louvers with duct work thus allowing air to flow through both the sanctuary and Parlor in summer months. A new boiler will be installed to heat the sanctuary, and we will switch all boilers to use natural gas.

Many thanks to you for your generous support of the Capital Campaign! We ask for your prayers and patience as each project has its own and often unforeseen challenges.

Overwhelming Grace Be With You,

Reverend David R. Harkness, Minister


David R. Harkness
David R. HarknessIPC Minister