The Minister’s Letter

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Dear Members and Friends,

In the coming weeks we will be asked for Estimates of Giving to support the church financially in 2018. The session will use these estimates to prepare a final budget and plan the priorities for the coming year.

Our church has three primary sources of support.

  1. Reserve Fund primarily based on monies given to the church through Bequeaths. These funds have generated interest that supports our annual budget. Investments are used to support capital needs and projects, and mission efforts.
  2. Good Shepherd Early Childhood Center supports the church through monies that help defray costs associated with utilities and personnel.
  3. Estimates of Giving received from members and friends.

These funds are used for our annual budget. We have been blessed beyond expectation by the generosity of Bequeaths and by the ongoing success of Good Shepherd Early Childhood Center. The open and unanswered question before us is the support we will receive through Estimates of Giving.

For the length of my ministry I have given the church 10% of my salary. I have done this as a spiritual discipline rather than as a response to church budgets. My Estimate of Giving is based on gratitude for God’s generosity to me, and on confidence that the church will use my money to advance God’s Kingdom on earth.

I encourage each of you to see your Estimate of Giving in a similar way. Begin with gratitude and a meditation on God’s generosity. Think of the ways the church will use your gift, and pray that the church will reflect the Kingdom of God among us. Plan to use a percentage of your income as one of your spiritual disciplines. The “math” on this is very basic! The percentage is your choice and freedom in Christ.

What we value we will support. What is important to us receives attention. What we commit ourselves to do regularly and with discipline comes back as a blessing.

Overwhelming Grace Be With You!

Reverend David R. Harkness, Minister

David R. Harkness
David R. HarknessIPC Minister